We offer a wide range of software solutions

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Apps: We can build you Android and iOS apps that integrate sign-in security, push notifications, payment processing, video streaming, and much more.

Websites: We offer both visually beautiful and elegantly functional websites. We specialize in back-end development with complex functionality like app APIs, user management, scheduling, data rich database interpretation, etc.

Virtual Reality & AR: Although still an emerging technology, we make virtual and augmented reality apps to engage your customers in a whole new way.

Games: Our affiliated studio, Bandit Development, develops mobile video games and 3D simulations.

Here's some examples of our work

SMS Systems

SMS Systems is a bulk texting marketing platform built for business use. This website is an example of desktop oriented user interface and complex back-end functionality. It features:

  • User accounts and login
  • Bulk texting to any number
  • Subscription payment billing
  • Customer database control
  • Automated email alerts
Antivirus Authority

Antivirus is a free tool that allows people to find the best antivirus for their needs. This website is an example of simple front-end navigation and dynamic database searching. It features:

  • Refreshless database results
  • Custom mobile interface
  • Configurable content filters
Doctor Office Statistics

(This project is for admin use only and cannot be linked to.) This webpage is an example of data visualization. It features:

  • Animated content
  • Colorful graphs and data tables
  • Automated calculations and math

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Here's some questions we ask our clients:

  1. What is the purpose of this project?
  2. What functionality do you want in this project?
  3. What is the current progress on this project?
  4. Do you have existing developers working on this project?
  5. What is the deadline of this project?

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